KidsClubConsultancy can show you the way forward to:

Use your existing kids club to maximise your business potential.

Increase income and bed sales.

Bring your kids club in-line with EU standards.

Appeal to British customer expectations.

Improve your relationship with UK Tour Operators.


Our Services to Hoteliers:

KidsClubConsultancy can provide an onsite assessment of your kids club. Highlighting the positive aspects and identifing the areas for improvement.

KidsClubConsultancy will action a Service Level Agreement, a constructive progression plan to bring your facilities in-line with EU regulations.

The main areas for evaluations would be:


The suitability of the kids clubs location and the setup of the club including all safety aspects.

The planning and implementation of the kids club activities. How they are run, are they appropriate, viable, and safe?

Documentation, keeping in-line with all relevant policies and procedures.

Staffing, attitudes and training.

The improvements to these areas would ultimately improve your business.

Due to the strict regulations imposed by governing bodies, tour operators are quickly seeking improvements made to kids club facilities.

Bringing your kids club in-line with EU standards will make your facility safer and in-turn will potentially increase the number of customer year on year, particularly British families.

You will see an instant improvement in the working relationship between hotels and Tour Operators.